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Learning Media Skills

I first started recording tutorials on media production back in 2005. It was mostly just text tutorials back then as the internet was not streaming video that well. It has been exciting to learn new ways to teach online. Every year new tools are developed that make it easier to produce. Some people ask me why I take the time to make these tutorials. Well, I can honestly say that it is not for the money! The income that I have generated doing this has not really come close to covering the hosting costs. As I reflect on that I would have to say that it is because I enjoy sharing the things that I have learned with others. I have found that the people who write the software or the tech manuals write in a way that assumes that you already know a lot of technical terms from their industry. I have often had to spend hours struggling to learn things that should have only taken a few minutes, had it been explained simply. Somehow I feel an urge to make it easier for those coming behind me, so they don’t have to struggle the same way that I have.

If you feel that the tutorials here have saved you a couple of hours of work, why not drop some coin in my tip jar to help pay my server costs. Keep checking back for more tutorials.

Meet the Instructor

Frank Spangler

“I’ve been taking photos for about as long as I can remember, and videos for the last 30 years. I am at my greatest peace, when I am out in a field, behind a camera, filming and taking stills. I like all kinds of subjects, but what I enjoy the most is travel, nature, scenics and people. I especially appreciate the opportunities that I have had to use my craft to illustrate some of the pressing issues of our world. There are about a billion people out there that are living in extreme poverty. Of this group, millions die every year, needlessly.

An additional two billion people struggle to survive on about two dollars a day. This is how “the other half” lives. In many ways, because of their very position, they do not have a voice. It has been my privilege to travel to many of the developing nations of our world. As I visit the ghettos of the large cities, or travel out to the remote villages, I am always saddened by the extreme poverty, amazed at the resilience of the people, and inspired by the children, who smile and even sing, through their pain and hunger.